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Monday, March 4, 2013

Everly Gray Grows Up

a Touch of Betrayal - released on February 28th

Here's the Blurb:

Bored, restless, and ever curious, Everly Gray schedules a week off from her personal coaching business, takes her ESP fingers out of protective custody, and begins to explore the remains of her parents' property. It's time for her to track their killers and bring them to justice.

That's the plan. Until one of her so-called friends kidnaps her for an impromptu trip to Hawaii, and she discovers the pain of betrayal. Can she find the strength to stand alone?

Before he married Everly, Mitchell Hunt made a bargain with the devil—and lost. When he shows up in Hawaii to make things right, danger follows. Things escalate when a rogue government agent and a militant psychopath with her gang of minions vie for control of Everly and her healing gifts.

Mitch's betrayal has flipped his relationship with Everly to the other side of romance—and there's no way back. Or is there?

And my comments:

With this latest of Everly's adventures she's all grown up, or at least on her way. I've posted this with all of the book in the series on Amazon, but I thought it would be a good idea to put it here as well. Especially now that BETRAYAL has been read by a number of people who might be wondering why the events in Everly's life took such an, um, turn.

In the Everly Gray Adventures I intended to grow her personality in tandem with her experiences—a 'coming of age' series so to speak. This story moves Everly from the world of chick lit into true adventure.

In a Touch of Ice, Everly is closer to a twenty-something than a thirty-something. She's hidden from the world to protect herself from the overwhelming amount of information her fingertips pick up, and has focused on her personal coaching business to the exclusion of life experiences.

A Touch of TNT brings her into the 'tumultuous twenties,' and she begins to share her gifts, using them to help law enforcement. In To Touch a Thief, Everly stretches her wings to become a leader rather than a follower, and a Touch of the Past brings her to a critical turning point. She faces her heritage and begins to accept who she is as she catches up to her true chronological age.

In a Touch of Betrayal, Everly becomes an adult and discovers 'the other side of romance.' This is not a happy-ever-after story, but it does open the door for a new world of adventure.

As Everly has matured, she's pushed my boundaries as a writer, and Betrayal took both of us into new territory. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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