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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


An Inside Look at a TOUCH OF BETRAYAL

I'm almost at the half-way point in Everly's newest book, a TOUCH OF BETRAYAL, and wanted to share a bit of my inspiration with you. Caution: this is draft material and could change at any moment.

In this scene, Everly is at her grandfather, Kahuna Aukele's, home. She on a mission to find Millie and Harlan, the former caretakers of her parents' property. 

I avoided the front stoop, looped around the side of Aukele's house, and was stopped cold by a massive wall of lush green plants. The mini jungle appeared to be about ten feet tall, so dense I couldn't see through it, and the variety of plants sported a plethora of colorful blooms. The heavy scent tasted deliciously sweet in my dry mouth. Why had I neglected to stop somewhere for  a bottle of water? I swallowed, facing the task in front of me equal parts determination and trepidation. 

The size of the jungle should have been an effective deterrent to exploring, but something kept me from backing away. Closing my eyes, I let my mind drift beyond the obvious. Why would a talented kahuna have an inaccessible backyard? Because it was the perfect place to hide, of course. Dropping more deeply into meditation, I spread my mental doors wide open and hoped for inspiration, answers, or in my best-case fantasy scenario—a yellow brick road.

And this is the photograph that inspired the scene:

It is obviously not tropical, and my imagination played with it quite a bit.

If all goes well, Betrayal should be out by the end of February... depending on how much I get done while the DH is away on a business trip. I'm planning on a high word count and well-behaved kitties. 

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So, what do you think is going to happen when/if Everly breaks through the mini-jungle wall?

Happy Reading,


  1. Wow she sure does sound perfect for the job or channeling of Everly Gray. I would enjoy listening to her.


  2. Oh, I am gonna LOVE reading this one! Done let those kitties distract you, please!!!


  3. Everyone is distracting me today! I'll be back in the groove after DH goes to sleep tonight, or tomorrow. Must. Write. Fast.