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Sunday, October 30, 2011

North Dakota: The Bakken Oil Fields

Last week The Hubby and I took a drive out to the Bakken fields, and I thought I'd share a little of North Dakota with you...since most of you won't be coming to visit me!

This is a functioning oil well--for those of you who haven't seen one. 

And this is what it looks like when they're digging an oil well. 

The Hubby tells me this is natural gas they're burning off, and he read recently that they're trying to find a way to use the energy instead of simply burning it. That would be good.

And then there are the people, the many, many people who have flocked to ND to work in fields. There are no places to live, so they've created temporary housing affectionately called Man Camps. Not a pleasant way to live, but surely there's a book or two lurking in a Man Camp. *Grin*

But North Dakota isn't JUST about oil. No, we grow wheat here, too. And other stuff. 

And there are wild flowers.

Notice I'm not commenting on the snow. The ice. Or the bitter wind. 

Hope you enjoyed this brief look at my home. Does it look anything like where you live? And about those Man Camps...any good story lines come to mind?


  1. Hi L.j.!

    I've never been to North Dakota. But I was expecting to see mountains! From your pictures, it appears to be so flat.

    Nice little travelogue...Good job!

  2. Hi LJ,

    I've never been to ND but that looks a lot like Oklahoma.

  3. Hi Kathy and LInda. Welcome to my new blog and thanks for commenting.

    It's not actually flat, more like rolling hills. Lots of rolling hills with flat spaces for farming.

    And, yes, it's a bit like Oklahoma except we don't have as many thunderstorms, and probably not as much snow. Usually. I shouldn't have said that. It'll jinx this winter.

    L. j.

  4. I'd come visit but it's too damn cold for my Southern blood. lol! Maybe in July?

    Thanks for posting. I find the history of the oil industry fascinating.

  5. Hey, Lilly. Thanks for stopping by. I know it gets cold here. Way. Too. Cold. And it lasts for 6 very long months. This is why I treat myself to visiting NC.

    L. j.

  6. Hi LJ, it's good to see your home state from your perspective. Thanks for sharing. I've been there, but oh so many years ago, it's a bit fuzzy. I'd heard about the man camps; you're right, a story must be lingering there! Find it and share it with the rest of us :-)